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Managing features

From the administration, General section, the administrator can enable some features:

  • Using gifs in the chat: users can look for gifs (using the Giphy service) and share them in the chat conversations
  • Enable code snippet sharing: if some users are developers and need to share some code snippets, this feature allow them to attach snippets to posts and comments (with syntax highlighting)
  • Enabler posts and comments tranlations:if users have different languages, when this feature is enabled, the language of each content is detected. When a content is not in the same language as the users language, the user can translate the content (by clicking a little button at the bottom). This feature uses the Google translate service.
  • Administrators are notified of new users: if the administrators want to know when a a new user signs up, this feature enable a notification sent to all the admins each time a new sign up occurs.
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