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Editing a user's details

This article is intended for talkspirit administrators. 

To edit a user's details (first name, surname, email address):

  • Go to the Administer space
  • Click on the Users tab
  • In the Team members or Guest users section, click on the chevron to the right of the user's name and choose Edit
  • Edit the firstname, surname, email address and other information (like hierarchy) of the user
  • Click on Save

Bulk update of users profiles

  • Go to the Administer space
  • Click on the Users tab
  • Click on the "Upload and update" button > Bulk update of users
  • You can use a template file to fill in users you want to update
    • If you do not want to modify some fields, just remove the column from the file.
    • If there is a column, the bulk update will replace the value on the profile of each user by the value in the file

Bulk suspend users

Administrators can user the bulk update feature to bulk suspend users.

For that, for each user in the file, the status column must be defined with one of the following values : 

  • "online" to keep user enabled
  • "suspended" to suspend the user
  • "anonymized" to suspend and anonymize the user

Be careful, one the file is uploaded, the bulk update starts immediately.

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