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Chatting with users

In addition to group messages, talkspirit offers you the ability to communicate in real time with one or several users.

Chatting with one user

Click the Screen_Shot_2017-11-28_at_16.54.39.png icon at the top of the right-hand chat bar, then click the name of the user you want to engage the conversation with.


Chatting with several users

Chat room with several users

Open a private conversation then click on the + Add a participant input to start a multi-user chat. A new discussion will be created. You can add as many participants as you want.

Group chat room

You can also create a chat room for a group. The members of the chat room are automatically synchronized with the members of the group.

  • When you create a new group, you can enable the chat room by clicking the "Enable chat room" setting
  • When the group already exists, you can open information panel of the group and click the "Create" a dedicated chat room (only the administrator of the group can do that).

Once the room is created, it can be unlinked : the room will remain, its members will be the members of the group, but there won't be any synchronization anymore. If you click again on "Create" a dedicated chat room, a new room will be created.

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