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An event is a type of contribution characterized by having a date and one or more participants.

The event's visibility depends on the recipients it is addressed to:

  • In a group: all users in your team/organization can access the event, but only group members can participate in the discussion
  • In a private group: only group members can access the event and participate
  • One or more members: only the indicated members can access the event and participate

All posted events can be accessed from the Events link on the main navbar.


Each event can be identified by color according to the group it belongs to.


Posting an event

To post an event:

  • Click on the Publication bar or click directly on a day within the calendar itself.
  • Complete the requited fields of time, date and recipients
  • You can also add an optional location and message
  • You can define if you want the recipients to tell if they attend or not.

Once the event has been posted, members who can access your event can indicate their participation.


Editing an event

To edit an event, click on the chevron at the top right of the event post then Edit.

Only the person who created the event or an administrator may change it.


Exporting events from your talkSpirit calendar to another calendar

  • Click on the Synchronise button at the top left of the Calendar page


  • Copy the indicated URL. This contains all of the events you are participating in.

You can add this feed to your calendar in Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook.

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