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Activating videoconference services

This article is intended for talkspirit administrators.

You can launch videoconferences from the chat. Several videconference services are available: talkspirit (our own service)Highfive, Zoom

To activate these services,

  • Click the gear icon at the top of the left-hand navigation menu
  • Click on the Video conferencing link


  • Activate the desired services with your necessary settings
  • Click on Save

Nb : Our technical partner for the videoconference service is Voxeet.

This partner is GPDR compliant.

 Technical configuration

You must be able to provide a bandwidth of 500Kbps per user.

You must allow the UDP protocol with ports from 20 000 to 65 000 in order for the video stream not to be blocked.

You must allow the domains *.voxeet.com

And if necessary, in order to configure your firewall, you can have your video servers on dedicated IPs. Please ask the support for that.

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