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Removal of the free plan - March 31st

So what exactly is going to change on March 31st? 

talkspirit only offers one single plan: talkspirit pro (down from talkspirit free & talkspirit Pro). 

All the organisations who were on the free plan will now automatically run on the pro version. 

By default, new organisations benefit of a 30-day trial when signing-up. 


Why did you remove the free plan? 

Ever since the initial launch of talkspirit two years ago, a lot of things have changed - including the free and paid plans. Offering one singular plan allows us develop the product more effectively. Additionally, offering a trail enables new organisations to fully experience talkspirit's full capacity - crucial during the testing phase. The blog post regarding this update will provide more information on all this.


I was on the free plan, what will happen now? 

As the free plan is entirely removed, each organisation is now running on the pro plan. You are granted an exclusive 30 day trial which will allow you to move around freely across the entire platform. On April the 30th 2017, this trial will end and a subscription will be required to continue further utilisation.


We don't want to subscribe. How do we retrieve our data? 

We have set up a way to download and transfer all the data stored on your account. Please contact us to set this operation in motion. 


We have just started. What will happen on April 30th? 

You will now have 30 days to experience and explore the Pro plan - regardless of your starting date.


How do I subscribe? 

It is important to note that only administrators have the ability to subscribe an account. There's an 'upgrade' button on the top of the screen - just next to the options 'users', 'manage' and 'help'. Clicking this button will guide you to the appropriate page. 

We have written a special page, dedicated for subscribing. Click on this link to access it. 

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