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Get posts out of talkspirit with outgoing webhooks

Outgoing Webhooks allow you to listen for triggers in talkspirit posts, which will then send relevant data to external URL(s) in real-time.

With Zapier, you can send data to other services (Trello, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Google spreadsheet and more than 700 other services) without writing a line of code:

  • for instance, you can use labels to generate automatically Trello Cards each time a post is applied a certain label in talkspirit.
  • You can also export all published posts / comments of a group to a Google spreadsheet

Use cases are infinite!

Configure an outgoing webhook on talkspirit

  • Click the gear icon at the top of the left-hand navigation menu
  • Click on the Integrations link


  • Look for Outgoing webhook, and click on the Add button
  • Choose the group you want to listen to
  • Fill in the URL you want the data to be sent to (by POST requests with a JSON format). If you user Zapier, this URL is provided by Zapier.
  • Choose the trigger: 
    • Either a label is applied to an existing post
    • Either a new post is published
    • Either a new comment is added to a post
  •  Choose a list of labels or an hashtag depending on the trigger you have chosen

Use Zapier to send data to other services

If you want to user Zapier to send data to other services, you have to:

  • Click on Make a Zap 
  • Choose Webhook Zapier as Trigger app 


  • Ignore the "Pick off a child key" step
  • Zapier provides a URL to copy to the talkspirit webhook settings. Configure your webhook on talkspirit and submit.
  • Validate on Zapier
  • Zapier is waiting for a webhook to be sent so that it can parse the data: you have to trigger the webhook on talkspirit (by publishing a new post in the group or applying a label).
  • Once the webhook is sent, Zapier should indicate that it was received and should show the format of the data.
  • You can then just configure an "Action app"
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